Abbie Goldberg delivering the keynote address at the LGBT Research Symposium at the University of Illinois.

Dr. Goldberg has given numerous talks, including plenary and keynote addresses. She has also facilitated numerous workshops, including two- and three-day workshops. She has presented to a range of audiences, including school administrators, teachers, adoption agencies, clinicians, medical professionals, lawyers, and parents. 

Sample titles include:

  • Maybe Baby: Parenting Routes and Strategies for LGBTQ Prospective Parents

    Abbie Goldberg, giving a lecture on lesbian/gay parenting at Springfield Technical Community College

  • From Family Trees to Heritage Week: Supporting Adoptive Families in School
  • Beyond the Binary: Making Higher Education Work for Trans Students
  • From Two Daddies to Divorce: Supporting Same-Sex Couples in Separation
  • Moving Beyond “The Kids are All Right”: 20 Years of Research on LGBT Families
  • From Placement to Puberty: Lesbian and Gay Adoptive Families Over Time
  • “So You Want to Get a Divorce…”: LGBTQ Affirming Practice for Lawyers and Mediators

Comments from recent workshop participants include:

  • “Learning about [trans] students’ experiences was eye opening. . .the different vignettes helped to  give me ways to make my interactions more inclusive.”
  • “[I have] a new perspective on trans individuals. Moving forward [I will] be moreopen minded and accepting, find ways to be more supportive to this community on campus, be more mindful in terminology used, [and will] create safe spaces for the trans community [here].
  • “I found this extremely useful to me as a graduate student.  I identify as pert of the LBGTQ community and I learned a great deal.”

For information about Dr. Goldberg’s domains of expertise, or to inquire about her availability and fee for a speaking event or workshop, please contact her.