DL RobertsonDeborah Robertson, PhD
Associate Professor |
Research Interests: 
My research program investigates the physiological ecology and the evolution of nitrogen metabolism in marine diatoms and other ecologically important groups of marine algae. In many marine environments, nitrogen availability is an important factor regulating primary productivity. By characterizing the enzymes and regulatory pathways involved in nitrogen metabolism, this work should contribute to our understanding of the coupling between nitrogen metabolism and productivity.

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Sohini Ghoshroy, PhD
Post-doctoral Researcher |
Research Interests: Sohini has been examining the molecular evolution of nitrogen assimilating enzymes in select algal lineages.  Her work has identified several instances of endosymbiotic and horizontal gene transfer events that have created chimeric enzymatic pathways in these lineages.  She is also working to characterize RNA binding proteins in diatoms that may be involved in the regulation of nitrogen assimilation.  More information regarding Sohini’s research and teaching interests can be found on her  webpage.

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Minoli Perera, PhD Candidate
Research Interests: Minoli is a PhD candidate who is currently characterizing RNA binding proteins in diatoms.


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Caroline Johnson  ClarkU ’13
Research Interests:  Caroline joined the lab last year after spending the spring in Italy and the summer in Luxemburg.  Caroline is looking at the regulation of nitrate assimilation in brown algae  in collaboration with Prof  Erica Young (UW Madison).  Caroline is one of our accelerated BA/MS program participants. .

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Hillary Sullivan, ClarkU ’13
Research Interests:  Hillary joined the lab during the summer of her junior year after spending the spring in Turks and Caicos in the School for Field Study program.  Hillary has worked in collaboration with Katie Friedman  on our marsh project and has continued this work as part of Clark’s accelerated BA/MS program.

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Katie Minnix, ClarkU ’12
Research Interests:  Katie was an ES&P major at Clark and is in the accelerated BA/MS program.  Working in collaboration with Prof. McGraw (Chemistry), Katie is looking at the impact of pH and dissolved inorganic carbon on the growth of marine diatoms.

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Joshua Bugge, ClarkU ’14
Research Interests:  Josh joined the lab during the spring of his junior year after spending the fall in Australia.  Josh is examining the role of 3′UTR sequences in the post-transcriptional regulation of nitrate assimilation in marine diatoms.

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Post-doctoral Associate :

Aurélien Tartar -  Associate Professor, Nova University

Graduate Students:

Sohini Ghoshroy: PhD 2011

Jessica Alexander: BA 2011; MA 2013
Kathryn Brown : BA 2005; MA 2007
Katherine Freidman: BA 2012; MS 2012
Michael Gershenovich : BA 2002; MA 2003
Grant Goodrich: BA 2009; MA 2011
Freya Hendrickson : BA 2002; MA 2003
Jacqui Mitchell: BA 2010; MA in progress
Katie Minnix: BA 2012; MS in progress
Dylan Scott: BA 2011; MA 2012

Undergraduate Students:

Kristen Cullity 2013
Caroline Johnson 2013
Karissa Lear 2013
Magali Lemahieu 2013
Hillary Sullivan 2013
Katherine Friedman 2012
Jessica Alexander 2011
Pryanka Kapur 2011
Dylan Scott 2011
Jacqui Mitchell 2010
Dan Whitmore 2010
Grant Goodrich 2009
Kevin Brown 2008
Jenna Nguyen 2008
Bryce Winant 2008
Katrina Twing 2007
Nilufer Rahmioglu 2006
Kriti Gaur 2004
Molly Letsch 2004
Miguel Stein 2004
Eva Zadykowicz 2004
Laura Brentner 2003
Joanna Dubois 2003
Jessica Weagle 2003
Victoria Byfield 2002
Charlene Sangenario 2002
Misha Wood 2002
Crystal Firth 2001