Transition to Adoptive Parenthood Project (TAPP)

Since 2005, I have been conducting a longitudinal study focused on the transition to adoptive parenthood among same-sex couples and heterosexual couples. I am seeking couples who are preparing to become parents for the first time, and who are actively pursuing adoption. I am interviewing couples before the adoption (about 1-5 months pre-adoption), soon after the adoption (about 3 months post-adoption), 2 years post-adoption, and then 5 years after the adoption. Members of each couple also complete questionnaire packets at each time point; in addition, they complete questionnaire packets 1 year post-adoption and 3 years post-adoption. I am interested in the unique challenges and joys that couples face as they prepare to adopt, and then adopt, their first child, as very little is known about couples’ experiences during this important life transition. The interviews and questionnaires explore a variety of topics, including: adoption agency experiences; the division of labor; balancing work and family; perceptions of social support from family and friends; intimate relationship quality; ideas and feelings about becoming an adoptive family; and choosing a day care/school. If you and your partner are currently in the process of adopting your first child, click here.

Some of the questions I hope to answer are:

1. What are couples’ decision-making processes about adoption? (E.g., how do they decide to adopt, how do they decide what type of adoption to pursue, etc.)

2. What factors (e.g., social support, adoption agency practices) are associated with an easier or harder adjustment to parenthood?

3. How do couples’ lives change when they become parents?

Couples who participate in this study receive quarterly newsletters that contain updates about TAPP, adoption-related news and research, and information about adoption-related events. For some of our most recent newsletters, see: Newsletter #38 Fall 2015 TAPP and Newsletter #36 Spring 2015.

“I want to say again how grateful we are to participate in your ongoing work. We feel that your surveys and interviews helped to center and ground our thoughts about how we were growing our family and each other during our adoption journey. Your work has made us more thoughtful, sensitive, and loving parents.”–TAPP Participant

DescriptionPre-adopt3 months
1 year post2 years post3 years post5 years post8 years post
InterviewsXXXX (some)X (some)

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