Get Involved

The purpose of this site is to build a collection of high quality digital images and transcriptions of notebooks. The site is also meant to facilitate collaborative online transcriptions. You can get involved in the process in a number of ways.

Want to get involved with transcribing yourself? Email me at more information. There are various ways to get involved:

  • a primary transcriber (takes the lead on a new sermon for transcription)
  • a participating transcriber (helps the primary transcriber)
  • a reader (checks provisional transcriptions once they are fully drafted)

You do NOT have to travel to the archive to get involved. High quality digital images will allow anyone with the inclination to try her/his hand at transcription.

Never transcribed early modern handwriting before? That’s okay. There’s no better classroom than the manuscript page itself. I also have helpful training sites linked on this site and will provide practice passages before you get started.

Have a question about a transcription? Disagree with a reading? Register and post a comment on the transcription page. Or, if you’re feeling shy, just shoot me an email at Your questions and disagreements will help build reliable transcriptions.

Want to read more from a notebook that already has a sample transcription? See a notebook in the gallery that you’d like to have transcribed? Interested in sermon notes from particular congregations or ministers? I’d like to create as much digital access as possible to the sermon notes that people would find most helpful. There are always issues to sort out with rights and reproduction, but I am looking to build the collection here over time, so suggestions and requests are very useful. Email me at

Want to get a group of students involved for a class project? Great idea! Email me at