Curriculum Vitae

 Meredith Marie Neuman
Department of English

Clark University
950 Main Street
Worcester MA 01610


2004         Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, English
1994-96     Non-degree graduate work in English, University of Illinois Chicago
1989          B.A., University of Chicago, Classics


Associate Professor of English, Clark University, 2012-present
Adjunct Associate of History, Clark University, 2012-present
Assistant Professor of English, Clark University, 2005-2012
Teaching Assistant/Teaching Fellow, UCLA, 1997-2004

Areas of Research and Teaching

Early and antebellum American literature; Puritan literature, religion early modern literature; poetry, poetry performance, manuscript and “amateur” poetry; book history, manuscript culture, material textuality, American print culture.

Fellowships and Grants

2012          Davis Educational Foundation grant (awarded through Clark University) for new course development

2012,         Higgins School of the Humanities, Clark University, grant to attend
2010          Rare Book School, University of Virginia

2009          American Antiquarian Society-NEH long-term fellowship

2009          Folger Shakespeare Library short-term fellowship

2008          Massachusetts Historical Society-NEH long-term fellowship

2008          William Andrews Clark Memorial Library short-term fellowship (declined)

2007          Higgins School of the Humanities, Clark University, summer research grant

2004-05     Ahmanson-Getty Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA Center for 17th- and 18th-C Studies &
The William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, Los Angeles, CA

2002-03     James E. Phillips Dissertation Fellowship, UCLA

2002          William Andrews Clark Memorial Library Pre-dissertation Fellowship, UCLA

Honors and Awards

2012-         Elected Member, American Antiquarian Society

2011-12     Alice Coonley Higgins Faculty Fellow, Higgins School of the Humanities, Clark University

2009-10     Outstanding Teacher Award, Clark University

2008          Hodgkins Junior Faculty Award, Clark University

2006-07     Higgins School Junior Faculty Fellow, Higgins School of Humanities, Clark University

1989          John G. Hawthorne Award for Classical Studies, University of Chicago


Jeremiah’s Scribes: Creating Sermon Literature in Puritan New England (University of Pennsylvania Press, Material Texts series, 2013)

Articles, Reviews, Reference

Entry on “Sermons” in Encyclopedia of the American Enlightenment.  Ed. Mark G. Spencer.  New York and London: Continuum, forthcoming.

Review of Vincent Carretta, Phillis Wheatley: Biography of a Genius in Bondage (The University of Georgia Press) in Church History, December 2013.

“The Versified Lives of Unknown Puritans” The Papers of the Bibliographic Society of America,   2013.

“Puritan History in the Present Tense.”  Review of Sarah Vowell, The Wordy Shipmates (New York: Riverhead Books, 2008) in Common-Place January 2009.

Review of David Read, New World, Known World: Shaping Knowledge in Early Anglo-American Writing (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2005) in New England Quarterly, September 2006.

“Beyond Narrative: John Dane’s A Declaration of Remarkable ProvidencesEarly American Literature 40.2, 2005.

Entries on “Samuel Danforth,” “Edward Johnson,” Jonathan Mitchell,” “Samuel Sewall,” and “William Wood” for The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poetry.  Jeffrey H. Gray, James McCorkel, and Mary Balkun editors.  Greenwood Publishing Group, 2005.

Pilgrim’s Progress.”  British and Irish Literature and Its Times: Celtic Migrations to the Reform Bill (beginnings-1830s).  Ed. Joyce Moss and Lorraine Valestuk.  Detroit: Gale Group, 2001.  Pp. 339-48.

Conference Papers, Presentations, and Responses (Selected)

“Increase Mather Went to London, and All I Got Was This Bibliographic Headache: Questions and the Archive,” London and the Americas, 1492-1812, Special conference of the Society of Early Americanists hosted by Kingston University UK, July 2014.

Respondent, “London Bound: Dissenting Protestants of British North America,” London and the Americas, 1492-1812, Special conference of the Society of Early Americanists hosted by Kingston University UK, July 2014.

“Saving Mistress Bradstreet (a brief history),” C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists Biennial Conference (“The Commons”), Chapel Hill NC, March 2014.

“A couplet and a quatrain walk into a tavern…; or, Rhyme scheme in early America,” Midwest Modern Language Association, Milwaukee WI, November 2013. (Also served as organizer and chair for this panel, “Reclaiming a Barbarous Artifice: Creative Research into the Work of Rhyme”)

“Speaking for Others: the Vicarious Experiences of Poetic Convention,” Society of Early Americanists Biennial Conference, Savannah GA, March 2013

“The Versified Lives of Unknown Puritans,” special conference on Poetry and Print, American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, MA, September 2012

“Margins of Stability: Translation, Literal Sense, and the Puritan Plain Style,” special conference on The King James Bible and Its Cultural Afterlife, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, May 2011

“On Mediocrity: Sentimental Modes and Pious Versifiers,” Society of Early Americanists Biennial Conference, Philadelphia PA, March 2011

“Unauthorizing Texts: Puritan Notetaking and Sermon Publication,” American Antiquarian Society academic seminar series, Worcester, MA, October 2009

“Puritan as Theorist
,” American Comparative Literature Association 2009 Annual Meeting:
 Global Languages, Local Cultures, American Comparative Literature Association, Cambridge, MA, April 2009

“‘a tedious piece of work’” (part of roundtable on “Manuscripts in an Age of Print”), Society of Early Americanists Biennial Conference, Hamilton Bermuda, March 2009

Respondent, “The History of the Book and Early American Literature” Northeast MLA, Boston, MA, February 2009

Respondent, “Conversion, Identity and Otherness” (Religion and Literature Permanent Sections), Midwest MLA, Minneapolis, MN, November 2008

“Fundamentalism: a Puritan Perspective” (part of roundtable on “Puritan Promiscuities: Transnational, Transhistorical, and Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Contemporary Puritan Scholarship”), Society of Early Americanists Biennial Conference, Williamsburg, VA, June 2007

“Grace in a Hail of Bullets: Habits of Calvinist Thought in True Crime Cinema,” Midwest MLA, Chicago, IL, November 2006

“Poets and Confessors: Edward Taylor, Puritan Conversion and Problem of Divine Address
,” American Comparative Literature Association 2006 Annual Meeting:
 The Human and Its Others, Princeton University, NJ, March 2006

“Drunken Arrows and the Taste of Honey: Seventeenth-Century Continuities in Edwards’ ‘Rhetoric of Sensation,’” Midwest MLA, Milwaukee, WI, November, 2005

“Telling and Time: Ruptured Conversion Stories in Seventeenth-Century New England,” “Temporalities,” William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, Los Angeles, CA, May 2005

“Was Anyone Ever Converted by a Sermon Cycle?”, Society of Early Americanists Biennial Conference, Alexandria VA, March 2005

Invited Talks

“Crumbling, Collating, and Enabling; or, How to Write Puritan Literature,” Fordham University, April 2013

“Listening to the Notetakers: Understanding Sermon Culture in Puritan New England,” History Department Colloquium, Clark University, February 2012

“Unauthorized Puritans,” Higgins Faculty Series, Clark University, February 2011

“Unauthorizing Texts: Puritan Notetaking and Sermon Publication,” Regional Academic Seminar, American Antiquarian Society, October 2009

Selected Professional Activities

Courses in “Introduction to Descriptive Bibliography,” “Analytic Bibliography,” and “Introduction to the History of Bookbinding,” Rare Book School at the University of Virginia, summers 2010 & 2012

Faculty weekend seminar on “Managing Scholarly Information Before the Modern Age” at the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington DC, winter 2011

Summer Seminar (History of the Book), “Books and Their Readers to 1800 and Beyond,” American Antiquarian Society, summer 2006

Courses Taught

Undergraduate courses:

  • Introduction to Literature (special topics: “Science and Literature”; “Love and War”)
  • Major American Writers I (survey themes: “American Ingenues”; “The Regions of ‘America’”; “How to Crack an American Chestnut”; “Early American Time Machine”; “The Anthology and Its Discontents”; “Public Domain”)
  • American Poetry (special topics: “The Nineteenth Century Close Up”; “American Women Poets”; “Poetry and Orality”)
  • Voicing the Verse: Poetry in Performance
  • Senior Capstone (Moby-Dick; Paradise Lost)

Undergraduate/Graduate split-level seminars:

  • American Print Culture, 1700-1900
  • American Literary Renaissance (Special topics: “Lydia Maria Child’s 19th Century”; “Transcendental Variations”; “Scribblers and Other Novelists”)
  • Topics in 17th– and 18th-Century American Literature (“Early American Women Writers”; “Religious Discourse and Literary Theory”)
  • Topics in 17th-Century Literature (“Science, Religion, and the Arts”; “The Self and the Seventeenth Century”; “Books and Texts”)
  • Introduction to Archival Research

Graduate seminars:

  • Material/Text