Rounds Process

Teaching Rounds

IMG_3490Clark’s MAT program is set apart from other programs by the inclusion of teaching rounds. All MAT candidates are required to host three rounds throughout the year, and attend at least six rounds hosted by other teachers. During a round, those attending will meet with the hosting teacher before the class to discuss the lesson, observe and interact with students during the lesson, and then meet with the hosting teacher again afterwards to debrief. The hosting teacher prepares a set of questions that give those attending points to focus on as they observe the lesson. These rounds become incredible opportunities to learn from other teachers, and get honest feedback on your own teaching.

I know that after every round that I attended or hosted, I walked away considering my own teaching philosophy and approach much differently. Many of the rounds I hosted were not the perfect lesson, but I was able to gain key insight from my peers into how I could take my lessons from okay to good to even great.

Round Sheets and Reflections

The links below contain the round sheets and reflections from the three rounds that I taught over the course of this practicum.

Round 1: Rehearsing¬†A Midsummer Night’s Dream¬†| LAP | Reflection
Round 2: From the Page, to the Stage | LAP | Reflection
Round 3: Moving Towards Independent Work | LAP | Reflection

Round Observations

The links below contain reflections on rounds hosted by other teachers that I have observed during this practicum.

Grace – 5th Grade Writing
Rita – 11th Grade History
Shannon – 10th Grade History
Mike – 11th Grade English
Jennifer – 9th Grade English
James – Spanish 3