Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment

1A.4:          Well-Structured Lessons

Both of my units have examples of well-structured lessons that I have used in my classroom throughout my practicum. To view those lessons and the materials that I have used for them in greater detail, please view both of my Teaching and Learning portraits.

1B.2:          Adjustment to Practice

Based on my students’ needs, I am always considering ways to adjust my practice and adjust the lessons that I have been using in order to be a more effective educator. Throughout both of my units, I have made adjustments to my practice and changed the lessons that I have used based on how well the students were responding to these lessons, and also based on feedback that I have received from my mentor teacher, colleagues, and members of my cohort.

The Mindful Minute, lessons during my Poetry Unit, and my final project for the Identity Unit are all specific examples of how I have adjusted my practice in order to better fit my students’ needs.