Family and Community Engagement

Know Your School Night and Parent Meetings

Throughout my time at UPCS, I have participated in many parent meetings, including Student Support (SSP) meetings and IEP meetings. During these meetings, I have been able to gain valuable insight into my students’ lives from the parents’ perspective, and parents do appreciate being included in their students’ education. Know Your School Night was another great opportunity to get to know my students’ families. Many parents came to speak to my mentor teacher and I that night in order to get to know what we were doing in the classroom and how the students have been doing.

School Dances and other Extra-Curriculars

At UPCS, I have become part of the community, and helped support students’ extra-curriculars. I have chaperoned school dances for grades 7-10, and have even chaperoned field trips to Mt. Wachusett and to Boston for a poetry competition.