Teaching All Students

2A.3:          Meeting Diverse Needs

Throughout my practicum, I have focused on ways that I could differentiate my instruction to be able to meet the needs of all of my students. For all of my final projects, I have made modifications to the assignments to better accommodate students on IEPs. I also use strategic grouping as much as possible when having students work in small groups on assignments to ensure that students with higher needs are able to be supported by classmates who are more accelerated learners. I also use visuals and different kinds of engaging lessons to meet the needs of the different learning styles of my students.

For more examples of how I have used strategic grouping to meet diverse needs in my classroom, please view my second Teaching and Learning Portrait.

2B.1:          Safe Learning Environment

Through humor, engaging lessons, and responses to my students’ feedback, I have strived to create a classroom environment that is safe and welcoming for all students. We have used the technique of Stepping Up and Stepping Back to reinforce the idea that all voices are valued and heard in the classroom when engaging in class discussions. We also use the Mindful Minute as an opportunity for students to take time to calm down and refocus at the beginning of class, as well as being able to consider their emotional wellbeing. I value the feedback that my students give me, and have been able to engage my classes in effective discussions about our own classroom community, especially in regards to the Mindful Minute.

2D.2:          High Expectations

Over the course of the year, I have been working on finding ways to challenge my students to succeed and be the best learners and people that they can be. I have high expectations for class discussion, allowing students to engage in socratic seminars where they are responsible for leading their own discussions without my involvement.

The performance assessments that I have designed for our current unit are evidence of how I have been working towards setting and maintaining high expectations as we continue into the end of the year.

More evidence of setting and maintaining high expectations in my practice can be found in the Growth in Student Learning section.