ArtOfLossLisa Silverman (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee):

“The Art of Loss: Madame D’Ora, Photography, and the Restitution of Jewish Property after the Holocaust,”

February 2016






Titler! Cabaret

(With special guest, Niki Luparelli)

December 2015





Elizabeth Anker Elizabeth S. Anker (Cornell University):

“For Love of Paradox: Human Rights and the Ends of Critical Theory,”

November 16, 2015





Samuel Moyn Samuel Moyn (Harvard University):

“Human Rights and the Holocaust, A Belated Entanglement,”

October 26, 2015.





Wackerfuss Poster SmallAndrew Wackerfuss (United States Airforce):

“Stormtrooper Families: Homosexuality and Community in the Nazi Party,”

October 15, 2015.





Haggerty PosterGeorge Haggerty (University of California – Riverside):

“What’s Queer about Frankenstein?”

September 9, 2015