Symposium PosterSecond Symposium on the German Discovery Sex at Clark University, April 16, 2015, featuring:

  • Jill Suzanne Smith (Bowdoin College): “Beyond the Femme Fatale: New Types of Prostitutes in Turn-of-the-Century and Weimar Berlin.”
  • Shaun Jacob Halper (Yale University): “Is Homosexuality a form of Genius? Reconsidering the Masculinist Wing of the First Homosexual Rights Movement in Central Europe.”
  • Peter Rehberg (University of Texas): “‘The Revolution Is Your Boyfriend’: Sexual Utopias after Reich and Marcuse.”


Kevin KopelsonKevin Kopelson (University of Iowa)

“Has-Beens of the ‘Cinema Firmament'”

October 20, 2014





Alex Dimitrov

Alex Dimitrov,

“The Poetics of Desire: Alex Dimitrov Reads from Begging for It,”

October 2014.