Ability and Willingness to Change Among African Immigrant Patients at Akwaaba

Title: Ability and Willingness to Change Among African Immigrant Patients at Akwaaba

Author: Marianne Sarkis, Temitayo Akinbola, Charise Canales, Hana Chamoun, Jacqueline Leaf

Date: 2013

Description: This research study was designed to investigate the relationship between understanding of high blood pressure, and willingness to modify lifestyle risk factors among African patients of Akwaaba, a free health clinic in Worcester. The study did not prove or disprove the hypothesis that lack of behavior change is due to lack of understanding of blood pressure management. However, additional findings were that language barriers, cultural differences and approach to health care inhibited adherence to dietary and medication regimens.


Keywords: Behavior Change, Health Care, Africans

Cataloged by: Patrick Barnosky/ B. J. Perkins

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