The Refugee Archive at Kasperson Library

About the Refugee Archive

The Refugee Archive, located at the Jeanne X. Kasperson Research Library at Clark University, is a repository for materials, knowledge, research, and resources related to Worcester’s refugee and forced migrant communities. It serves to collect published and unpublished materials on the history, resettlement, community health, livelihoods, and material culture–among other things–of individuals, groups, refugee community organizations, and agencies based in and around Worcester.

It is also a resource for researchers, students, and community members to learn about and preserve the rich experiences of both newly arrived and well-established populations from refugee backgrounds who have made Worcester their home.


Contribute to the Refugee Archive:

We invite all of our Worcester colleagues who have produced published and unpublished materials about Worcester’s refugee communities, or whose students have produced research, reports, or other materials about refugees and forced migrants in Worcester, to lodge a copy in the Refugee Archive at Clark University.

If you would like to contribute papers, records, photographs, memorabilia, or other archival material to the Worcester Refugees Archives please contact us at or call the Kasperson Library at (508) 751-4630.



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