About Kasperson

The Jeanne X. Kasperson Research Library is dedicated to higher learning and to supporting those who seek to expand their knowledge.  The primary mission of the Library is to support Clark University’s extensive environmental research programs.  This includes but is not limited to programs conducted under the aegis of the George Perkins Marsh Research Institute, the School of Geography, and the Department of International Development, Community Planning and the Environment.  The Library is committed to serving the educational functions of the University and the broader community in order to further research related to sustainability and global environmental change, international development, and risk and hazards to society and the environment.

The Kasperson Research Library offers one of the most extensive collections in North America on environmental risk and hazards, environment and development and the human dimensions of global environmental change. In addition, the library’s collection includes holdings in international development, water resources, technology, energy policy and sustainability. Over 35,000 books, technical reports and government documents make up the current collection. The library also receives journals and newsletters related to its areas of specialization as well as a number of other resources to aid in your research. Special collections include refugees in Worcester and radioactive waste management.


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