2017 City Council Infant Mortality Report

Title: 2017 City Council Infant Mortality Report

Author:  Castiel, Matilde “Mattie”

Publisher: City of Worcester, Massachusetts, Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health

Date: 2017

Description:  This report updates the implementation of an infant mortality reduction initiative. It examines what has and has not worked in reducing infant mortality in the city of Worcester. This report was written in consultation and coordination with the Worcester Healthy Baby Collaborative and the Worcester Division of Public Health.


Keywords: infant mortality, community initiatives, community outreach, community organizations, health disparities


World Farmers Annual Report

Title: World Farmers annual report

Author: World Farmers

Date: 2016 –

Description: World Farmers supports immigrant, refugee and historically under-served farmers.  The organization provides land access, training, technical assistance, market and marketing support, and connections to viable commercial markets. Flats Mentor Farm located in Lancaster, Massachusetts has supported participating farmers since 1984.


Keywords: agriculture, farming, farmers. refugee farmers, immigrant farmers, small-scale farming, mentoring, specialty crops, Community Supported Agriculture

FLN (Financial Literacy for Newcomers)

Title: FLN (Financial Literacy for Newcomers)

Author: Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants(ORI)

Date: 2018

Description: ORI Launched  Financial Literacy for Newcomers in 2017 to deliver financial education to low-income refugees and immigrants in Massachusetts. This report describes the program and it’s first year in operation.


Keywords: financial literacy, financial education

Community Partners Directory

Title: Community Partners Directory

Author: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Health and Human Services, Office for Refugees and Immigrants

Date: 2016, 2018

Description: This  directory provides a list and short descriptions of all ORI programs, followed by a list of providers offering each program including contact information and location.


Keywords: directories, services, service providers, government agencies, resources


English Language Resource Directory

Title: English Language Resource Directory

Author: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Health and Human Services, Office for Refugees and Immigrants

Date: 2017, 2019

Description: This directory provides a detailed list of ESL/ESOL resources central to the following seven cities: Boston, Lynn, Lowell, Worcester, Springfield, West Springfield, and Westfield.


Keywords: directories, resources, ESL classes, ESL services

2018 Greater Worcester Community Health Assessment (CHA)

Title: 2018 Greater Worcester Community Health Assessment (CHA)

Author: City of Worcester Division of Public Health, UMass Memorial Medical Center and Fallon Health

Date: 2018

Description: This report presents the findings of the 2018 community health assessment of the Greater Worcester Region which was conducted using a collaborative participatory approach. It  provides a portrait of the community’s health status, needs and assets. These findings will be used to determine health priorities for the 2018 Greater Worcester Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).


Keywords: public health, health assessment, indicators

Massachusetts new Americans agenda

Title: Massachusetts new Americans agenda

Author: The Governor’s Advisory Council for Refugees and Immigrants

Date: 2009

Description: This report contains policy recommendations on how to better integrate immigrants into the civic and economic life in Massachusetts. The recommendations fall into twelve categories: civil rights, adult English language proficiency, economic development, education, public safety, employment and workforce development, access to state services, citizenship assistance, health, refugees, youth, and housing and community development. The report also includes a list titled “How Others Can Participate.”


Keywords: refugee integration

Cataloged by: Caleigh Ross / B.J. Perkins