Ghanaian Women’s Reproductive Health Worcester

Title: Ghanaian Women’s Reproductive Health Worcester

Author: Marianne Sarkis, Brian Arsenault, Veronica Llanes, Allegra Marra and Surya Ry

Date: 2013

Description: This research was conducted by students as part of a semester-long course at Clark University, under the supervision of Professor Marianne Sarkis. The students interviewed six female residents of Worcester, who are from Ghana or of Ghanaian descent, and who had experienced pregnancy/birthing through the U.S. healthcare system. The researchers found that these women had a positive perspective on their experiences with the prenatal/natal healthcare system in the U.S.

Keywords: Reproductive Health, Prenatal Health Care, Ghanaian

Cataloged by: Patrick Barnosky/ B. J. Perkins

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