Research Assistants

Each semester I work with a number of undergraduate students who contribute to ongoing research projects (read a description of current projects  here). Research assistants in our research group typically assist with tasks such as recruiting participants from the community (usually minority groups of various backgrounds), transcribing interviews, preparing online surveys in Qualtrics, entering data, and assisting in qualitative or quantitative analyses as well as literature reviews. The tasks vary from semester to semester though, and often only one or two of these tasks are the focus of a given semester. We have weekly group meetings, and students who stay a second semester or longer are expected to carve out their own focus within the existing projects and present a poster at Academic Spree Day

If you are an undergraduate student interested in becoming a research assistant in our research group, you can either apply to join the research course (Psyc 225: Research on Intergroup Conflict and Cooperation) that is offered every semester for course credit (counts towards the research requirement in the Psychology major), or apply for the student worker position that I have every year (usually posted in August). When applying for either, please indicate why you are interested in this particular research topic, which previous research experience you have and which relevant courses you have taken (including the grades you received in these courses), which cultural contexts you are familiar with and which populations you have access to, and which two professors or TAs at Clark could vouch for the quality of your work.