Academic Spree Day

Academic Spree Day is an annual undergraduate research festival in April at Clark University where students present their work from research groups, classes, Capstone projects, honors theses, etc. The following is a list of all posters my students have presented at Academic Spree Day over the years: 

Hyomin Lee ’19. Community Cohesion and Betrayals in Times of Conflict. 2018

Adelisa Turnadzic ’18. The Effect of Context on Resistance: A Comparative Study on Palestinian and Burundian Experiences. 2018

Rachel Gaufberg ’17. Global Victim Beliefs and the Armenian Genocide. 2017

Nidhi Thaker ’17. Collective victim beliefs – A content-analytic study. 2017

Pooja Patel ’16. Effect of Passing as Non-Jewish on Resistance During the Holocaust. 2016

Claire Pollak ’16. Religion and The Holocaust. 2016

India Spears ’16. Agency and Divine Intervention: Explaining Holocaust Survival. 2016

Emma Goldblum ’16. The Complexities of Ingroup Obedience in Jewish Collective Resistance During the Holocaust. 2016

Nicole Papazian ’16 (in collaboration with Eliana Hadjiandreou, ’16 & Michelle Twali, graduate student).  100 years after the genocide: Armenian Americans’ attitudes toward reconciliation. 2016

Miranda Smerling ’18 (in collaboration with Michelle Twali, graduate student). Predictors of Inclusive and Exclusive Victim Consciousness in the Context of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Findings among Jewish Americans. 2016

Emma Durocher ’16, Jacqueline Jimenez-Maldonado ’18 & Odile Irakiza ’18. The role of personality in resistance by Women in Concentration Camps. 2016

Pooja Patel ’16, Jeffrey Yorke ’16, Emma Sonberg ’17 & Alicja Gancarz ’17. Role of Family Socialization in Female Collective Resistance Activity During The Holocaust. 2015

Adelisa Turnadzic ’18, Claire Stehfest ’15 & Brianna Mirabile ’15. Gender and The Holocaust: Jewish Women’s Resistance in Poland. 2015

Keelia Harney ’16, Maria Laura Pacheco ’16 & Amira Farrag ’16. The Influence of Religion on Resistance. 2015

Erin Wurtemberger ’15 (in collaboration with Michelle Twali, graduate student). The Importance of Acknowledging Genocide: Armenian and Jewish American Perspectives. 2015

Allie Bunch ’15, Erin Wurtemberger ’15, & Anna Nguyen ’17. Personality in Predicting Concealed Forms of Resistance. 2015

Eliana Hadjiandreou ’16. Measuring Conflict-Specific Victim Consciousness: Preliminary Findings from the Greek-Cypriot Context. 2015

Esther Cohn ’14 (in collaboration with Maggie Campbell, graduate student). The Moral Considerations of Holocaust Resistance Fighters. 2015

Ceylan Oymak ’14. Studying Collective Action in the Gezi Movement Context. 2014

Rachel Eaton ’13. Motivations for Collective Resistance During the Holocaust. 2014

Joanna Feldman ’13. The Role of Family in Individual Decisions of Resistance during the Holocaust. 2013

Sarah Goldstein ’14. Self-Identity and Self-concept of Resisters before, during, and after the Holocaust: Stability and Change. 2013

Kulani Panapitiya Dias ’13, Amna Adamjee ’15 & Karishma Veljee ’15. “Explaining Away” Wrongdoings in Ethnic Conflicts: A Field Study in Post-War Sri Lanka. 2013

Selin Volkan ’12. Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust: The Role of Assimilation and Integration. 2012

Aysha Araibesh ’12. Influences of Empathy and Remorse on Attitudes Towards an Outgroup. 2012

Magali Lemahieu ’13 (in collaboration with Lucas Mazur, graduate student). Effects of Acknowledgment of Past Victimization on Present-Day Intergroup Relations. 2012

Sareen Dilsizian’12 (in collaboration with Lucas Mazur, graduate student). Psychological Consequences of Acknowledgment and Denial: The Case of the Armenian Genocide. 2012

Enrica Filippi ’12. Accounts of Resistance from Jewish Holocaust Survivors. 2012

Jeanine Trinh Le ’12. Case Study of Fred Kort: A Path to Resistance During the Holocaust. 2012

Kyle Benson ’12. The Progression of Annihilation: Nazi Propaganda and the Stereotype Content Model. 2012

Magali Lemahieu ’12 & Franklin Eneh ’13. Can we empathize with a suicide bomber? The effects of remorse on empathy. 2012

Hillary Paul, ’11. Socioeconomic Status and Motivation to Volunteer. 2011

Kulani Panapitiya Dias ’13. Justifying Atrocities: Moral Disengagement, Ingroup Glorification and Essentialism in Post-War Sri Lanka. 2011