2017 City Council Infant Mortality Report

Title: 2017 City Council Infant Mortality Report

Author:  Castiel, Matilde “Mattie”

Publisher: City of Worcester, Massachusetts, Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health

Date: 2017

Description:  This report updates the implementation of an infant mortality reduction initiative. It examines what has and has not worked in reducing infant mortality in the city of Worcester. This report was written in consultation and coordination with the Worcester Healthy Baby Collaborative and the Worcester Division of Public Health.


Keywords: infant mortality, community initiatives, community outreach, community organizations, health disparities


A Brief (& Incomplete) History of Worcester’s Infant Mortality Reduction Work

Title: A brief (& incomplete) history of Worcester’s Infant mortality reduction work

Author: Shields, Sara G.

Date: 2017

Description: A Presentation at the Infant Mortality Summit, September 22, 2017 highlighting the work of the Worcester Infant Mortality Reduction Task Force.


Keywords: infant mortality, African immigrants, immigrants, health disparities, community engagement

Infant Mortality: A Community Engagement Model

Title: Infant mortality: A community engagement model

Author: Shields, Sara G., Cathy Violette, Tasmina Hydery, and Heather Alker

Date: 2019

Description: University of Massachusetts Medical School, Center for Clinical and Translational Science 2019 Community Engagement and Research Symposium Presentation


Keywords: infant mortality, racial disparities, ethnic disparities,  community engagement model, community projects, health inequity, statistics

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Title: English for speakers of other languages

Author: Worcester Regional Research Bureau

Publication: Worcester Regional Research Bureau Brief

Date: 2020

Description: The report examines the state of ESOL in Worcester, ESOL impacts and ESOL challenges.


Keywords: ESOL, ESL, classes, education, organizations, population, funding

The Changing City: Starting a Conversation

Title: The changing city: Starting a conversation

Author: Worcester Regional Research Bureau

Publication: Worcester Regional Research Bureau  Brief 14-04

Date: 2014

Description: The report examines changing demographic and language trends in the city of Worcester and asks questions about the effect on civic life in the city.


Keywords: demographics, demographic trends, population,  immigrants, languages, schools, education, civic life

Worcester’s Demographic Trends: 2010 Census

Title: Worcester’s demographic trends: 2010 Census

Author: Worcester Regional Research Bureau

Publication: Worcester Regional Research Bureau Report 13-01

Date: 2013

Description: The report uses 2010 census data to look at changes and trends in Worcester’s demographics.


Keywords: population, demographics, U.S. Census, demographic trends


Attitudes and Access to Mental Health Services in the Worcester Community

Title:  Attitudes and access to mental health services in the Worcester community: Findings from the Worcester Community Mental Health Assessment

Author: Smith, Colleen

Date: 2016

Description: Clark University Academic Spree Day Fall Fest 2016 Poster Presentation


Keywords: mental health, community health,  mental health access, stigma, barriers to health access

Partnership for Refugee Wellness Project

Title: Partnership for Refugee Wellness Project

Date: 2016-2017

Description: Ascentria Care Alliance, local health centers, and other community partners joined together in 2016 to improve refugee services through the Partnership for Refugee Wellness Pilot Project through the implementation of a  new service model.  Information about the project and Best Practice Forum agendas, minutes and presentations on issues such as refugee mental health and service gaps are included here.

Keywords: wellness, health, mental health refugee service, service gaps, best practices

Worcester’s Refugee Population and Resources

Title: Worcester’s refugee population and resources

Author: Abt, Devon, Samia Ahmed, Guen Gwanyalla, John Sullivan, and Marian Younge

Date: 2016

Description: 2016 University of Massachusetts Medical School Population Health Clerkship Presentation

Keywords: refugee organizations, refugee agencies, refugee resources