Promoting Cross-Cultural Acceptance: The African Artist Initiative

Title: Promoting cross- cultural acceptance: The African artist initiative

Author: Baker-Flynn, Dylan, Xavier Hines-Coombs, Thomas Koker, and Nicholas Smoth

Date: 2018

Description: An Interactive Qualifying Project, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Crocodile River Music: Promoting Cross-Cultural Acceptance

Keywords: African music, cultural awareness, cultural acceptance, African culture, interviews

Tips for Mental Health Providers Working with Southeast Asian Immigrants/Refugees

Title: Tips for mental health providers working with Southeast Asian immigrants/refugees

Author: Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts & Logan, D.

Date: 2017

Description: This tip sheet provides some culturally-informed strategies for mental health providers to use to build trusting and respectful bonds with their Southeast Asian clients.

Keywords: Southeast Asian Immigrants, Southeast Asian refugees, mental health, culturally appropriate services, stigma

Immigrant and Refugee Stories of Worcester Women

Title: Immigrant and refugee stories of Worcester women

Author: Worcester Women’s Oral History Project in collaboration with Literacy Volunteers of Greater Worcester, Educational Bridge Program of Notre Dame Healthcare, Clemente Course in the Humanities, Refugee Artisans of Worcester, and Worcester Refugee Assistance Project

Date: 2017

Description:  The project compiled interview transcripts and oral histories of 8 women – Monica Salazar Carmona, Kenza Dekar, Juliana DeBoni, Yahui, Carmenza Ramirez, Edna Froio, DarKu and PawWah  who emigrated to  Worcester from a variety of countries.

Keywords: immigrant women, refugee women, oral history, interviews


City of Immigrants

Title: City of immigrants series

Author: Welker, Grant

Publication: Worcester Business Journal

Date: November 12, 2018

Description:  Articles and editorials in this series include: City of  immigrants: : Foreign-born residents have unusually large impact on Worcester’s economy;  Coming to Worcester: The city’s immigrant population has shifted in the last decade; Helping immigrant businesses: Foreign-born entrepreneurs aren’t as familiar with their available resources; Get to know Worcester’s immigrants; The importance of immigrants.

Keywords: businesses, business owners, entrepreneurs, economy

Holy Cross Emerita Professor Curates Worcester Refugee Artists Exhibit

Title: Holy Cross emerita professor curates Worcester refugee artist exhibit

Author: Jane Carlton

Publication: College of the Holy Cross Newsroom

Date: 2020

Description: Professor Susan Rodgers working with Holy Cross students Worcester refugee artisan crafts .

Keywords: art exhibits, refugee artists, crafts


The Resettlement of Bhutanese Refugees in Central Massachusetts

Title: The resettlement of Bhutanese refugees in Central Massachusetts

Author: Gururaj, Ani

Publisher: Pulitzer Center

Date: 2018

Description: The objective of this project is to better understand the journey of Bhutanese refugees  who settled in Shrewsbury, a town in Central Massachusetts.  It includes 2 articles entitled “Central Massachusetts: Home to a diverse population” and “A day with Purna Neupane.”

Keywords: Bhutanese refugees, Central Massachusetts, resettlement, stories

A Bhutanese Refugee’s Resettlement Diary

Title: A Bhutanese refugee’s resettlement diary

Author: Gurung, Ganesh

Publication: New Worcester Spy

Date: 2016

Description: Ganesh Gurung, a student at Worcester State University, reflects on his resettlement journey in the university’s news and literary magazine.  This entry includes three articles entitled “A Bhutanese refugee’s diary : Part 1 and Part 2” and  “Bhutanese Flamingo: Finding hope in music.”

Keywords: resettlement, education, Bhutanese refugees