World Farmers Annual Report

Title: World Farmers annual report

Author: World Farmers

Date: 2016 –

Description: World Farmers supports immigrant, refugee and historically under-served farmers.  The organization provides land access, training, technical assistance, market and marketing support, and connections to viable commercial markets. Flats Mentor Farm located in Lancaster, Massachusetts has supported participating farmers since 1984.

Keywords: agriculture, farming, farmers. refugee farmers, immigrant farmers, small-scale farming, mentoring, specialty crops, Community Supported Agriculture

Worcester Chamber of Commerce: Recruiting Minority Business Owners

Title: Worcester Chamber of Commerce: Recruiting Minority Business Owners

Author: DiMaria, Ryan, Alexander Hull, Xikun Lu, Haopeng Wang, Jiacheng Hou, and Danning Zhao

Date: 2019

Description: Master’s paper, Clark University, School of Professional Studies

This report is based on a Capstone project whose purpose was to help the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce better market themselves to appeal to immigrant and minority owned businesses.

Keywords: immigrant owned businesses, minority owned businesses, business owners, recruitment, marketing, small businesses

Imaginarte: Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Tell Their Stories of Belonging Through Photography

Title: Imaginarte: Unaccompanied refugee minors tell their stories of belonging through photography

Author: Loustaunau, Esteban

Date: 2019

Description: This article describes a literacy through photography (LTP) project. The participants were a group of teenagers from Central America in the Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URM) Program at Ascentria Care in Worcester MA. In collaboration with college students from Assumption College in Worcester the teenagers produced photographs that expressed their interpretations of cultural identity, adaptation and reinvention as they transitioned to life in the United States.

Keywords: youth, unaccompanied minors, life experiences, community service, cultural reinvention, belonging

Barriers to Mental Health Services: Narratives from Community Stakeholders

Title: Barriers to mental health services: Narratives from community stakeholders

Author: Torres Stone, Rosalie A. 

Publication: 2017 Massachusetts Family Impact Seminar, The Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise

Date: 2017

Description:  This brief and power point presentation highlight the challenges immigrant and refugee populations in particular have in accessing mental health services and offer policy recommendations to improve mental services and remove barriers to treatment.

Keywords: mental health services, stigma, cultural sensitivity




Refugee Case Files as an Indicator of Housing Needs

Title: Refugee Case Files as an Indicator of Housing Needs

Author: Weilbacher, Molly

Date: 2018

Description: Master’s Paper, Clark University, International Development, Community and Environment (IDCE)

This paper considers indicators from refugee’s case files at a local resettlement agency to delve into the question of how the agency’s reporting process can best serve resettled refugees in their ability to secure and sustain housing.

Keywords: resettlement, agencies, housing, integration, indicators

Refugee Self Organization: The Effects of Organizations on Refugees

Title: Refugee Self Organization: The Effects of Organizations on Refugees

Author: Hurmuzlu, Ayfer

Date: 2017

Description: Master’s Paper, Clark University, International Development, Community and Environment (IDCE)

This paper addresses the following questions: How do refugees self organize themselves upon arrival to a new country? and How do self-help organizations help them transition into integration?

Keywords: integration, organizations

Promoting Cross-Cultural Acceptance: The African Artist Initiative

Title: Promoting cross- cultural acceptance: The African artist initiative

Author: Baker-Flynn, Dylan, Xavier Hines-Coombs, Thomas Koker, and Nicholas Smoth

Date: 2018

Description: An Interactive Qualifying Project, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Crocodile River Music: Promoting Cross-Cultural Acceptance

Keywords: African music, cultural awareness, cultural acceptance, African culture, interviews