From ‘There’ to ‘Here’: Refugee resettlement in Metropolitan America

Title: From ‘There’ to ‘Here’: Refugee resettlement in Metropolitan America

Author: Singer, Audrey and Wilson, Jill H.

Publication: Metropolitan Policy Program, Brookings Institution, Living Cities Census Series

Date: 2006

Description:  This paper provides an overview of the refugee program in the United States and an analysis of refugee resettlement trends by decade, region, country of origin and US metropolitan distribution. Since the establishment of the Refugee Act of 1980, more than 2 million refugees have arrived in the United States and they have largely resettled in metropolitan areas with large foreign-born populations. This paper includes four brief case studies comparing the context of refugee resettlement in different metropolitan communities and the effect on refugee integration in the United States.

Keywords: resettlement, refugee integration

Cataloged By: Selina Sikder / B.J. Perkins

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