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The Big Day

Today was the big day! Professor Hibbett and I went to the Fisherville site. We took the 23 bags of mycelium inoculated with Irpex, Trametes, and Pleurotus. We joined Gene, his son Nick, and Max from John Todd Ecological Designs. First we cleaned the 23 bins with water. We added about 20 lbs of hard wood pellets (an oak and maple blend). Next we added about four gallons of water to each bin and let the pellets absorbs the water. It was amazing to see the pellets grow with water! We labeled the bins with a labeler that Nick had with the names of each of the fungi. We then gloved up and inoculated the bins with the bags of mycelium. We had to be careful and break apart the mycelium on the rye. It was a really interesting texture: slimy and but very cohesive. We spread out the mycelium in the wood chips as thoroughly as we could.We then carried the bins inside the trailer with air-conditioning and covered them up. The bins are now ready to be placed in the eco-machine.