The Living Systems Laboratory is exploring the fundamental science, practice and application of sustainable solutions to two hundred years of environmental degradation in the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. The Living Systems Laboraotory is located in the Mill Villages Park in South Grafton, Massachusetts, on the banks of the Blackstone River and historic Blackstone Canal. As the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution and in its role as “the hardest working river in America” generations of use and misuse have left the Blackstone contaminated with diverse industrial pollutants. LSL is demonstrating innovative bioremediation practices and applied ecology using diverse living systems housed within and engineered ecosystem to restore the Blackstone Canal while providing a durable platform for translational research, science education and public outreach.

Can´t make it out to visit us?  Take a virtual tour of the Living Systems Laboratory and the greater Fisherville Mill Site, thanks to Russ Anderson and his class at Worcester Technical High School.

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