Designing a Bioshelter in Worcester

Title: Designing a Bioshelter in Worcester

Author: Breen, John, Thomas Fay, Peerapat Luxsuwong, Mark Overdeest and Yunjae Sohn.

Date: 2015

Description: Qualifying Project Report, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

This project was intended to determine the most effective design for a bioshelter that would serve as a year-round urban food production system to be used and co-managed by refugees in Worcester, MA. This bioshelter was designed to take advantage of natural solar, wind and water resources, including a rain catchment system, a climate battery, thermal mass, composting, natural heating and ventilation systems. This project was designed to be built on two unused lots, and to serve as a gathering space as well as a food production site. Refugees living in Worcester will utilize the bioshelter to grow crops to sell and supplement their incomes.

Keywords: Bioshelter, Refugee farmers, Urban Farming, Year Round Farming

Cataloged by: Patrick Barnosky/ B. J. Perkins

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