The Latino Mental Health Project: A Local Mental Health Needs Assessment

Title: The Latino Mental Health Project: A Local Mental Health Needs Assessment

Author: Esteban V. Cardemil, Sara T. Adams, Joanne L. Calista, Joy Connell, José Encarnación, Nancy K. Esparza, Jeanne Frohock, Ellen Hicks, Saeromi Kim, Gerald Kokernak, Michael McGrenra, Ray Mestre, Maria Pérez, Tatiana M. Pinedo, Rosemary Quagan, Christina Rivera, Patsy Taucer, and Ed Wang

Publication: Administration and Policy in Mental Health. Vol. 34, No. 4: 331–341

Date: 2007

Description:  This article presents the results of a mental health needs assessment of Latinos in Worcester, Massachusetts, which was a conducted in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and several health and education organizations. This study is based on 166 interviews with Latinos living in Worcester, which demonstrated high rates of mental health related problems, including many “culture-bound syndromes” and low rates of access to mental health services, especially for anxiety, depression and PTSD. Barriers to accessing mental health services included instrumental barriers, attitudinal barriers and language/cultural barriers. The Latino community is comprised of a high percentage of new or recent immigrants, which have been shown in other research to be especially vulnerable to mental health problems and have limited access to mental health services.

Keywords: Needs assessment; Latinos; Service utilization; Barriers; Mental Health

Cataloged By: Patrick Barnosky / B.J. Perkins

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