Main South Promise Neighborhood Partnership [draft]

Title: Main South Promise Neighborhood Partnership [draft]

Date: 2010

Description: A proposal for the Main South neighborhood in Worcester to become a U.S. Department of Education “Promise Neighborhood.” The proposal details the demonstrated community and academic needs in the neighborhood, and plans to provide “cradle through college through career solutions” to improve educational outcomes, youth development and well-being, as well as revitalize the community. This plan includes school partnerships, innovation school development, youth engagement, student support programs, housing rehabilitation, built environment improvements. The proposal is presented by the United Way of Central Massachusetts, Clark University, Worcester Public Schools, the Main South Community Development Corporation, and the Worcester Education Collaborative, and includes community and youth involvement in planning.

Keywords: Promise Neighborhood, Education Partnerships, Youth Development, Community Revitalization

Cataloged by: Patrick Barnosky / B.J. Perkins

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