Remote Sensing with TerrSet/IDRISI: A Beginner’s Guide

“Remote Sensing with TerrSet/IDRISI: A Beginner’s Guide”, co-authored by Timothy Warner, David J. Campagna and Florencia Sangermano, and published by Geocarto International Centre in Hong Kong, is available for purchase from Clark Labs. The text is ideal for students and professionals seeking a hands-on, guided exploration of the fundamental issues in remote sensing and image processing, using the techniques and approaches within the TerrSet software. Although originally written for the IDRISI Selva version, users can now easily follow the guide using TerrSet.

The text introduces the reader to the display and basic processing procedures for enhancement, analysis and classification of satellite imagery, and trains the user on how to accomplish these tasks within the TerrSet environment. The text comes with sample data from a number of locations around the globe, covering a variety of natural and human-modified environments.