Understanding the effect of anthropogenic changes, including climate and land cover, on the distribution of biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems, is needed to promote effective conservation planning.  My research focuses on evaluating the effect of environmental changes, on biodiversity and ecosystems, through the lens of spatial analysis, remote sensing and ecoacoustics. My research has led to the development of supporting technology and datasets. Moreover, my work contributes to the One-Health framework, which recognizes that a healthy environment is needed to promote healthy humans.

My main research areas include the development and applications of models to evaluate environmental change, including changes in vegetation productivity and land-use land-cover charge, and the modeling and assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services, particularly, climate regulation (REDD) and health provisioning services.

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NSF Collaborative Research: BoCP-Design US-Sao Paulo: Land use change, ecosystem resilience and zoonotic spillover risk