Sebastian Sam, DJ and Entrepreneur

Please describe your relationship to music and why it is important to you.

“I was introduced to making music at the age of 16 and have always incorporated music production in my life ever since. I started DJing directly after college and it has provided me with an outlet to express myself creatively.”

Have you met anyone influential artists or members of the music industry that have significantly impacted your life? 

“Working with Chris Brown has influenced me to increase my workload. The guy works on 10 different things at once and still gets the job done! If he can do it, I know I can. 

When do you most often listen to music? 

“While working.”

What piece of technology do you most often use to access music?


What is your favorite source of music to listen to (Spotify, Pandora, ITunes) and why? 

“ITunes is my favorite source because all of the music that I’ve downloaded and created over the years is stored in its library.”

Do you listen to different music by yourself vs. if you were in a group, or live?

“Most definitely. I listen to EVERY genre when on my own. I alter the genre I listen to depending on the group I’m with. Whatever is more relatable!

Do you prefer to listen alone, group, or live performance and why?

“Depends on what type of music, but typically I prefer to listen to music alone because I’m able to break the song apart into different components (beat, lyrics, arrangement). I’m able to connect more with the artist.

Do you find that a particular form of listening is more authentic than one another?

“Listening to music live is much more authentic! There’s a special feeling you get when the vibrations of live instruments rumble your insides.

As an entrepreneur what inspires you more? The creative process or the music itself?

“The creative process inspires me more. I enjoy the long process of every song I create; the outcome is always rewarding!”

-as told to Alexandria

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