Naji Grampus, Manager of Artist 360

When do you most often listen to music?

“I most often listen to music when I am traveling. Whether in my car listening to the radio, or on a plane with my beats headphones; whenever I am on the go there is music present.”

 How often do you find yourself listening to music and where?

“I generally listen to music everyday on my way to work. With a 32 gig iphone there’s always a ton of songs to choose from ha!”

What piece of technology do you most often use to access music?

“To access music…it’s generally some form of an apple product. I use my macbook and tablet when I am stationary but when I am moving around the iPhone does the job.”

What is your favorite source of music to listen to (Spotify, Pandora, ITunes) and why?

“Although I do like some of he new stations on itunes radio Pandora is king. Pandora always just seems to get it right when it comes to the playlist; can’t go wrong with the Rick Ross channel.”

 Do you listen to different music by yourself vs. if you were in a group, or live?

“I definitely listen to different music when I am by myself. The beautiful thing about the art of music is that there are certain records that can evoke a feeling depending on your surroundings at the time. As a hip-hop/rap fan when I listen to records alone they tend to be more lyric driven, and when I’m with a group I like to “turn up”, so a mesmerizing beat is a must.”

Do you prefer to listen alone, group, or live performance and why?

“Honestly it’s contingent on my mood.”

 Do you find that a particular form of listening is more authentic than one another?

“I think that listening to music alone and going to a live show are the most authentic forms. When you listen to an album by yourself it allows you to form an honest opinion. That opinion isn’t influenced by others, you can provide an ingenuous critique and judgment of the work. A live show brings a different dynamic because of the visual component. I’ve been to an artist performance where I didn’t really care for a song initially but upon seeing the performance I changed my mind.”

What does music mean to you?

“The great Bob Marley said, “One thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain”. I love that quote because it explains how captivated one can become by a constructed song full of human emotion. Music is an expression based on a connection. As a hip-hop fan music is a culture. That amazing thing about it is that culture provides a connection with millions of others around the world without even knowing them.”

-as told to Alexandria

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