The Lighter Side

In this 1575 painting by Veronese, supposedly of David and Bathsheba (II Samuel 11),
the gentleman in the red and gold outfit bears an uncanny resemblance to me. I don’t
recall posing for it, but….


This 1989 New Yorker drawing by Mick Stevens is at
the top of my long list of Great Bible Cartoons.



With the exception of Adam and Eve, the Flood seems to be
the favorite topic for visual Bible humor. Dan Regan’s take is
a classic.


My Grading Method: I used to grade my exams with the able assistance of Nachamu,
pictured here, who roomed with artists Nancy Katz and Mark Liebowitz of Shelburne
Falls, MA. Since his untimely demise some years ago, I’m forced to do it all myself.



Elsewhere on this site, I have provided examples of the importance of reading the biblical text aloud. I am not quite prepared, however, to adopt Victor Borge’s approach to reading literature, as shown (and heard) in the link below.


From James Thurber, master of the understated and the absurd.