To Participate in the Men’s Experiences with Partner Aggression Project

“Thank you for your effort in researching and publishing about male victims of domestic violence. Being a male victim is more embarrassing than most people believe…There “just isn’t funding for males” in my community. Unless of course the male is a batterer. By making the problem not specifically about me, I have found that I am able to better talk about my experiences with those that chose to ridicule me or look the other way. Your research helps me understand that I am not alone.” — anonymous male victim

Thank you for your willingness to take this important anonymous survey on men’s experiences with partner aggression.  However, we are no longer collecting data for this study.

We are currently analyzing the data for this study, a process which can take several months to a few years.  If you would like to receive periodic updates on our progress, please go to our Results page, and sign up on the link in the first paragraph.