For Students

This page is for students and outlines the courses I teach, and how to sign up to be a directed study or research student of mine.  Please check out my other student pages to learn how to apply to be an honors student of mine and if you are interested in having me write a letter of recommendation for you.


I teach the following courses at Clark University in the Psychology Department:

PSYC105: Statistics (undergraduate course; offered every semester; currently being taught by another faculty member)

PSYC220: Research in Family Violence (undergraduate course; 1-year commitment and permission required)*

PSYC237: Sexual and Dating Violence: Research and Prevention (undergraduate first seminar; offered occasionally)

PSYC245: Psychological Perspectives on Criminal Behavior (undergraduate first seminar; offered occasionally)

PSYCH295/395: Using Social Science Research to Influence Public Policy (undergraduate and graduate seminar; offered every Spring semester)

PSYC302: Statistical Methods (graduate seminar; offered every spring)

Research and Directed Study:

I take up to five students into my PSYC220 Research in Family Violence course in the Fall of each year, and I require a one-year commitment to the course (you can arrange to take the second semester as a Capstone).  Please contact me if you would like permission to enter this course.

I will also consider taking Directed Study students.  Please set up a time to meet with me if you would like to pursue this option.