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Academic Work

“Doing Good While Killing: Why Some Insurgent Groups Provide Community Services”. With Victor Asal and Shawn Flanigan. Terrorism and Political Violence, 2020.

“Exceptional Inclusion: Understanding the PKK’s Gender Policy”. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 2020.

“Fighting About Women: Ideologies of Gender in the Syrian Civil War.” Journal of Global Security Studies, 2019.

“Proto-state Realignment and the Arab Spring.”  (2016) Middle East Policy (23)1: 75-91. 

“Doing Well by Doing Good: Understanding Hamas’ social services as political advertising.” (2015)  Studies in Conflict and Terrorism (38) 4.

“A Friend in Need: The Impact of the Syrian Civil War on Syria’s Clients” (2014). Foreign Policy Analysis 

“Gender Ideology and Forms of Contentious Mobilization in the Middle East” (with Victor Asal, Richard Legault and Jonathan Wilkenfeld) (2013). Journal of Peace Research, (50) 4.

“Hezbollah’s Survival: Resources and Relationships.” (2012) Middle East Policy, Vol. XIX, No. 4, Winter

 “Lessons from Lebanon: The Costs of Avoiding Transitional Justice” Transitional Justice and the Arab Spring, Robert Stewart and Kirsten Fisher, eds.  (Routledge, 2013)


Other Writing

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