Ora Szekely



  • PSCI 070: Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PSCI 104: The Politics of Ethnicity and Identity
  • PSCI 174: The Politics of the Middle East (Fall 2019)
  • PSCI 229: The Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • PSCI 281: Civil War in Comparative Perspective (Fall 2019)
  • PSCI 287: Refugees, Migrants, and the Politics of Displacement 


If you are a political science major at Clark interested in writing an honors thesis on civil war, nonstate actors, or the politics of the Middle East, I’m probably a good choice to supervise your honors thesis.  Please get in touch early in the spring semester of your junior year to begin the process of applying to the honors program. (If you’re a political science major interested in writing an honors thesis on something else, I’d be more than happy to discuss the honors program with you as well.)

Graduate students:

If you are an MA or PhD student at Clark working on a subject related to my research and would like me to serve on your thesis committee, please make an appointment or stop by my office hours.


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