Working Papers

Jan K. Brueckner, Wenhua Liu, Wei Xiao, and Junfu Zhang, “Government-Directed Urban Growth, Firm Entry, and Industrial Land Prices in Chinese Cities,” March 2024. An earlier version was circulated as CESifo Working Paper No. 10181.

Chunbing Xing, Xiaoyan Yuan, and Junfu Zhang, “City Size, Family Migration, and Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from Rural-Urban Migrants in China,” September 2022, available as IZA DP No. 15549. Accepted for publication in Regional Science and Urban Economics. Here’s an Online Appendix.

Junfu Zhang, “Measuring the Stringency of Land Use Regulation: A Shadow Price Approach,” May 2022. Accepted for publication in Journal of Urban Economics.

Chao Fang, Ernest Zhang, and Junfu Zhang, “Do Women Give up Competing More Easily? Evidence from Speedcubers,” May 2021, published in Economics Letters.

Yu Liao and Junfu Zhang, “Hukou Status, Housing Tenure Choice and Wealth Accumulation in Urban China,” November 2020, available as IZA DP No. 13836. Published in China Economic Review.

Shihe Fu, Xiaocong Xu, and Junfu Zhang, “Land Conversion across Cities in China,” November 2020, published in Regional Science and Urban Economics. (An early version of this paper, titled “Land Conversion and Misallocation across Cities in China,” was circulated as a working paper by the “Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.)

Yizhen Gu, Chang Jiang, Junfu Zhang, and Ben Zou, “Subways and Road Congestion,” November 2019, published in American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

Rui Du and Junfu Zhang, “Super Bowl Participation and the Local Economy: Evidence from the Stock Market,” May 2018 (Appendix table). Accepted for publication in Growth and Change.

Rui Du and Junfu Zhang, “Walled Cities and Urban Density in China,” August 2018, published in Papers in Regional Science, available online here.

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Junfu Zhang and Zhong Zhao, “Measuring the Income-Distance Tradeoff for Rural-Urban Migrants in China,” January 2013, available as IZA DP No. 7160.