Current Projects


Health Humanities in Global Context: Race and Ethnicity Across the World

This major editorial project will develop the definitive reference handbook for understanding the historical, cultural, and ethical dimensions of how race, ethnicity, caste, and culture have been understood historically, and how processes of racialization and ethnification are currently used in medical research and practice via humanistic modes of inquiry across the globe. View the presentation about this project given at Duke University’s “Future Trends in Health Humanities Publishing and Pedagogy” workshop hosted by the Franklin Humanities Institutes’ Health Humanities Lab: Duke Health Humanites Pub & Ped WS.

Support for this book project is funded in part by the Leir Luxembourg Program-Clark University to convene the editorial board for a workshop in Remich, Luxembourg, July of 2018. 

Luxembourg workshop 2018


Black Speculation and the African American Literary Tradition

This scholarly monograph reevaluates the African American literary canon, challenging the dominating  focus on realist traditions in African American literary history and criticism.



Consortium for Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI) Medical Humanities Network Summer Institute

(media and podcasts from the full conference at University of Miami, May 19-20, 2017)

Presentation on “Teaching Medical Humanities: Literature” Podcast (first fifteen minutes)

JONES_CHCI 2017 Teaching MedHums Literature