Pedagogical Innovations

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Sole Instructor

“Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired:” Medicine and Ethics in Black Women’s Fiction

An advanced seminar exploring narratives of health, wellness, and ethics in works by black women writers through the theoretical approach of the medical humanities.


Black Feminist/Womanist Theory

A Clark University “Problems of Practice” (PoP) Experimental Course. This Women’s & Gender Studies required theory course explores the relation of the intellectual and theoretical exercise to the practical actions borne out in the lived, material reality of intersecting identities and interlocking modes of oppression foundational to black feminist and womanist theorizing. All assignments were digital and/or online, and gave way to final class digital activist archive for womanist approaches to a range of social justice issues.  The web site can be found here. 

Medical Ethics in Science Fiction

A first-year seminar exploring the ethical, legal, and social implications of medical science and technology as interrogated through science fiction novels and short fiction.


Team-Taught Courses


Facing Race: From Dialogue to Social Action

with Eric DeMeulenaere, Associate Prof. of Education

A Higgins School for the Humanities team-taught collaborative course between Education and English. In response to recent events on Clark’s campus and the realities facing historically white institutions, the course was designed to develop a critical consciousness and interrogation of race and racial injustice with an eye towards translating “talk” or dialogue in socially responsible and ethical action. Resulted in conceptualizing and supporting Clark University’s first day-long MLK Racial Justice Teach-In (January 2017). See the program here


In Sickness and In Health: Narrative and the Art of Healing

with Laura McKee, Assistant Prof. of Psychology 

A Higgins School for the Humanities team-taught collaborative course with Psychology and English. Designed to explore the power of narrative within the discourses of illness and wellness and the role narrative plays in the healing process. A capstone culminating experience introducing psychology majors to humanistic methodologies for greater empathy in the practice of psychology.