Welcome to the Spratt Lab! We are located in the Carlson School of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Clark University.  Our group is interested in understanding enzyme catalysis and protein-protein interactions for enzymes involved in the ubiquitylation-signaling pathway. Working at the interface of physical biochemistry and chemical biology, our group uses biochemical and biophysical techniques including solution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to understand how HECT E3 ubiquitin ligases attach ubiquitin or ubiquitin-like proteins to a substrate protein.

This website will give you some background on our research program at Clark University, group members (current and past), our publications, a list of the instruments in our well-equipped lab for routine protein chemistry work, lab news, and links to websites we routinely use to aid in our research endeavors.

*** We are looking for motivated graduate students to join our research team.  Interested students are encouraged to send their resume/CV, a brief research statement, and contact information for three references to dspratt@clarku.edu ***

*** Undergraduate students interested in volunteering and getting involved in research are encouraged to send an email to dspratt@clarku.edu ***

Recent News

April 7th, 2020 – Yaya, Diana, and Emma’s invited review titled “HECT E3 Ubiquitin Ligases: biological roles, identified interactions, and relevance to disease” was accepted in the Journal of Cell Science.  Check it out!

March 23rd, 2020 – Emma’s invited chapter titled “New discoveries on the roles of ‘other’ HECT E3 ubiquitin ligases in disease development” is online and will be published in the upcoming book Ubiquitin – Proteasome Pathway.  Check it out!

January 28th, 2020 – Our collaborators from Sonia Lorenz’s Lab at the University of Würzburg have published a new paper titled “Crystal structure of the catalytic C-lobe of the HECT-type ubiquitin ligase E6AP” in Protein Science.  Check it out!

June 30-July 3rd, 2019 – Students from the Spratt Lab presented their research at the Protein Society’s 33rd Annual Symposium in Seattle, WA.  Great job, Everyone!

June 16th-21st, 2019 – Don presented our recent findings on E6AP and its role in Angelman’s Syndrome at The Gordon Research Conference – 2019 Proteins in Holderness, NH.

June 13th, 2019 – Congratulations Aaron on successfully defending your M.S. thesis today!  Way to go!

June 12th, 2019 – Congratulations Jeanmarie on successfully defending your M.S. thesis today!  Well done!

June 6th, 2019 – Congratulations Misa on successfully defending your M.S. thesis today!  Good job!

May 19th, 2019 – 115th Clark University Commencement – Congratulations to all of the graduating Spratt Lab BCMB ’19 seniors!

May 17th, 2019 – Congratulations Lara on successfully defending your M.S. thesis today!  Well done!

May 14th, 2019 – Congratulations Diana on successfully defending your M.S. thesis today!  Great job!

May 4th, 2019 – Jeanmarie and Misa presented their research at the 21st Annual Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference in Boston, MA.  Great job!

April 30th, 2019 – Emily, Kayla and Rylee successfully defended their Honors theses today.  Well done and congratulations!

April 24th, 2019 – Undergraduate research by Honors and Directed Study students in our lab was presented at the 29th Annual Academic Spree Day at Clark University!

April 17th, 2019 – Steve, Ruben, Diana, Misa, Aaron, and Jeanmarie presented their work at the 17th Annual Graduate Student Multidisciplinary Conference.  Well done!

April 13th, 2019 – Emily’s undergraduate experience and honor’s research project at Clark was profiled on ClarkNOW.  Great job, Emily!

March 25th, 2019 – A news article on Diana’s 5th year and academic path at Clark was profiled on ClarkNOW.  Well done, Diana!

February 7th, 2019 – A news story about Rylee’s undergraduate experience and honor’s research project at Clark was profiled on ClarkNOW.  Great job, Rylee!

January 17th, 2019 – A news story on Don’s “LEEPing in to a Science Career” was highlighted on ClarkNOW.  This vocational course is focused on helping science majors learn how to successfully navigate the job market and secure a scientific job after completing their studies at Clark.  Check it out!