I teach the political science department’s introductory American politics course every other year or so, usually in the spring.  I teach the Money and Politics course in the spring of even-numbered years and the Campaigns and Elections course in the fall of even-numbered years.  I teach the other courses occasionally.  Links to recent syllabi for my courses are below.  Among these courses, the Money and Politics course was supported in 2012 by a Davis Foundation grant for Clark University’s LEEP (Liberal Education and Effective Practice) program, and the Legislative Redistricting course was taught in conjunction with Clark’s Mosakowski Institute, and is discussed in a recent issue PS:  Political Science and Politics.

Political Science 050:  Introduction to American Politics

Political Science 099:  First Year Seminar:  Public Opinion and American Politics                  I haven’t taught this one for a while.

Political Science 155:  Roots of Political Theory

Political Science 159/259:  Political Participation

Political Science 170:  American Political Thought and Behavior

Political Science 185:  Political Discourse on Today’s College Campus                                      A half-credit Problems of Practice course.

Political Science 203:  Political Theorists and their Theories
Subject matter varies from one year to the next; last time around we read Plato’s dialogues.

Political Science 205:  Campaigns and Elections

Political Science 206:  Modern and Postmodern Political Theory
This class picks up where Roots of Political Theory leaves off.  Also not a class that’s been taught for a while,

Political Science 220:  Legislative Redistricting:  The Geography of Politics
Co-taught with James Gomes, director of the Mosakowski Institute.  This class was designed to coincide with the 2012 redistricting, so it probably won’t be offered again for a while.

Political Science 235:  Money and Politics

Political Science 252:  U.S. Political Parties and Interest Groups

Political Science 262:  Representation and Deliberation

Political Science 271:  The American Jury System

Political Science 296:  Capstone Seminar:  Ideology in American Politics

Political Science 296:  Capstone Seminar:  Fixing American Democracy