I teach the political science department’s introductory political theory course every year, usually in the fall.  I teach the Money and Politics course in the spring of even-numbered years and the Campaigns and Elections course in the fall of even-numbered years.  I teach the other courses occasionally.  Links to recent syllabi for my courses are below.  Among these courses, the Money and Politics course was supported in 2012 by a Davis Foundation grant for Clark University’s LEEP (Liberal Education and Effective Practice) program, and the Legislative Redistricting course was taught in conjunction with Clark’s Mosakowski Institute, and is discussed in a recent issue PS:  Political Science and Politics.

Political Science 050:  Introduction to American Politics

Political Science 099:  First Year Seminar:  Public Opinion and American Politics

Political Science 155:  Roots of Political Theory

Political Science 159/259:  Political Participation

Political Science 203:  Political Theorists and their Theories
Subject matter varies from one year to the next; last time around we read Plato’s dialogues.

Political Science 205:  Campaigns and Elections

Political Science 206:  Modern and Postmodern Political Theory
This class picks up where Roots of Political Theory leaves off.

Political Science 220:  Legislative Redistricting:  The Geography of Politics
Co-taught with James Gomes, director of the Mosakowski Institute.  This class was designed to coincide with the 2012 redistricting, so it probably won’t be taught again until 2022!

Political Science 235:  Money and Politics

Political Science 251:  Interest Groups and Social Movements

Political Science 252:  U.S. Political Parties

Political Science 262:  Representation and Deliberation

Political Science 271:  The American Jury System

Political Science 296:  Capstone Seminar:  Ideology in American Politics