Music and politics are in essence about communication, through expression of ideals, images, styles, and emotions.

Music is not always political, but it can act as its vehicle regardless of location or time. A reflection of one can occur in the other and vice versa. With a variety of topics, our groups came together on the theme of music in politics. Rather than focusing more on one side or the other, we found topics that exhibit a dialogue between the two subjects.

Music in politics will be explored in a variety of locations and time across the globe, during times of intense political activity and relevance. The  strength of these explorations lies in the opportunities they provide as music is present in politics due to the environmental circumstances provided.

If there was no conflict, there would be no need for a voice. If there was no pain, there would be no need for healing. If there is no goal, there would be no need to stand on a podium and ask for votes. There would be no need for music in politics without these things. These very human things.

Thematically, we hope to convey the importance of the involvement of music in politics through very different contexts that ultimately demonstrate the connection and dialogue between them.