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See our Videos on Earth System Science and Geographic Information Science and Remote Sensing at Clark University, and then come study and work with us to help address some of the most important environmental challenges facing humanity and the planet today.

Climate Change Teach-In, Clark University 2015 (video)
Dr. Williams delivers a plenary talk on “The Truth About Climate Change and a Pathway to a Safer Future”.
— Fourth Talk Down the Page —

Harvard Forest Symposium 2014 (video)
Dr. Williams presents a synthesis of his group’s research on forest-atmosphere exchanges post-clearing.
–click “Afternoon Sessions”, wait patiently while it launches and advance to minute 31

Yale Climate and Energy Institue Speaker Series (video)
Dr. Williams delivers a seminar about the Turn of the Century Drought in the western US.

AGU Fall Meeting 2012 Session on Fire as a Biogeochemical Catalyst in the Earth System (video)
Dr. Williams delivers a talk about how fires, beetles, and harvests impact the carbon stocks and fluxes of western US forests.
See also the associated press briefing.

Harvard Forest Symposium 2011 Session on Forest-Atmosphere Exchanges (video)
Dr. Williams delivers a talk on early findings at his post-clearcut eddy covariance measurement site.

Clark University Fall Fest Undergraduate Research Symposium (video)
Undergraduate Research Scientist Angela Marshall (BA ’11, MS ’12) discusses findings from her study of coarse woody debris volume at Prof. Williams’s post-clearcut site at Harvard Forest.