In the United States, well-documented mental healthcare disparities disproportionately affect individuals from low-income and cultural minority backgrounds. Our lab’s mission is to help reduce these scientific and service utilization gaps through a combination of basic and applied research that focuses on urban, cultural minority children, adults, and families. The research conducted by lab members covers a range of areas relevant to mental healthcare disparities, including developmental psychopathology, treatment-seeking services research, and intervention development. In all areas, a central focus is the elucidation of the role of cultural variables and processes.


News and Recent Events

Primary care and mental health follow-up among Latinos

Rachel Ishikawa’s excellent paper was recently published online by the journal Psychological Services. Among other findings, Rachel found that the quality of the relationship between primary care providers and their Latino patients was positively associated with intention to follow-up on … Continue reading

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Diversity among Latinos: Implications for research

The APA journal, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, just published Monica Sanchez’s research investigating the mental health needs and healthcare experiences of immigrant Latinos, Puerto Ricans, and Brazilians in Massachusetts. You can find this paper here. Monica’s study highlights … Continue reading

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New course: Race and Racism

Together with Professor Rachel Falmagne, I am co-teaching a new course entitled Race and Racism: Theory and Experience. Working from a perspective grounded in Critical Race Theory, we are reviewing an extensive literature on the social construction of race, the … Continue reading