December 3, 2009


Clark University Personal Publishing is an intellectual and creative environment that provides faculty and staff of Clark University space representing  professional and research interests.  It is not meant to take the place of official university faculty profiles, but to serve as an enhancement to them in cases where individuals would like to publish information that might, for example, further highlight their work.  The platform may also be used to enhance or augment curricular publishing in cases where a class assignment requires students to publish or contribute to a group website and learning HTML is not an explicit goal.

The platform is maintained by the Clark University’s Academic Technology Services team.  Support for the service is available during regular business hours.  ITS/ATS does not own or maintain content in any of the individual sites.  ATS will create space and assign publishing rights to the space at the request of currently employed faculty and staff.  All sites will have a minimum of one “owner/administrator” currently employed as at Clark University.  All sites and authors must abide by all relevant local, state, and federal laws, in addition to copyright and intellectual property laws and the University’s Copyright, Data Security, and Appropriate Use Policies.

The quota for Clark University Personal Publishing sites is 5GB.  Appeals for additional space may be made by submitting a written request with rationale.  The requests will be considered balancing other users’ needs (the publishing environment is a shared resource for the community) and other publishing options for the content.

Site owners/administrators are responsible for making any permanent archive or copy of their site(s).  Instructions for this are on the FAQ page.  ITS/ATS does not provide site backup or file restoration services for the Personal Publishing environment.

ITS may remove a Personal Publishing site and all associated materials from the publishing environment:

  • at a site owner/administrator’s request;
  • upon departure or graduation of a site’s owner/administrator from the University (unless an alternate site owner has been designated)
  • if a site is abandoned for more than 2 years;
  • in the case of sites associated with specific courses 1 month following the course concludes (unless specific alternate arrangements have been made);
  • if a site is determined to be in violation of local, state, or federal laws or the policies noted above.

Requests for enhancements to or comments about the publishing environment, may be directed to the Clark University Personal Publishing environment administrators by sending an email to this link.