December 3, 2009


What will my Clark WordPress URL be?

Your WordPress site’s URL is where username is the username you use to access resources on the Clark network such as email, Moodle, etc.  In cases where a site is representing a group, research or a class, the name will include that information in lieu of the username.  If you choose to purchase your own domain, it is also possible to assign that to your Clark WordPress site.

How much space do I get?

The quota for Clark University Personal Publishing sites is 1GB.  Appeals for additional space may be made by submitting a request with rationale.  Requests will be considered balancing other user needs (the publishing environment is a shared resource for the community) and other publishing options for the content.

How do I create a WordPress site for a course?

Canvas is the primary publishing space for courses and course materials.  In cases where faculty have assigned projects with web publishing components for students, the WordPress Personal Publishing platform may be appropriate.  To request space for this purpose, please send as much information and detail as possible.

How do I request space for a department or for a student?

If you are publishing information about a department at the University, your pages will be published to the University’s official web server, not the Personal Publishing environment.

Students are encouraged to use or an alternate WordPress hosting service for their needs as it is a more permanent solution for their publishing needs (access to Clark services ends a short time after students graduate).

What software does Personal Publishing use?

Clark University Personal Publishing platform uses WordPress, an open-source blogging platform. For more information, see

Where can I get help with my blog?

There are tons of WordPress assistance available on the web if you just google the topic you’re looking for.  If you need assistance beyond that, contact Academic Technology Services.

Can I upload my own theme or modify an existing theme?

We don’t allow people to create and upload their own themes on our server.  We suggest that you use the customization options included in almost all of the installed themes or if you know how, to make CSS adjustments in the Appearance tools.

If you find a theme you really like which we haven’t installed, please write to this link. We will review your request and respond via email.

I found a great WordPress theme/widget/plugin I’d like to use. Can you install it on your server?

Please write to this link and let us know. We will review your request and respond via email.

Are there policies about what I can publish or how I can use the Personal Publishing space?

Yes.  The service is meant to provide professional publishing space for Clark faculty and staff.  All use of the space is governed by Clark’s Appropriate Use Policy.

What will happen to my site if I leave Clark?

If you leave Clark, unless special arrangements have been made, your Personal Publishing space and associated materials will be removed from the server.

How do I back up my Personal Publishing site?

To back up your site, log in and go to Tools > Export > Download Export File. WordPress will create an XML file for you to save to your computer, which will contain all your posts, comments, custom fields and categories.

How do I delete one of my blog postings?

In order to delete a blog post, log in to your blog, and on the Dashboard toolbar, click Posts. The Edit Posts screen will open with a list of your posts. Move your mouse over the name of the post you wish to delete, and from the links that appear below the post name, click Delete.

How do I delete my Personal Publishing site in its entirety?

In order to delete your entire site, log in to your blog, go to Settings > Delete Blog. On the Delete Blog page, select I’m sure I want to permanently disable my blog, and I am aware I can never get it back. Click Delete my blog permanently. An email will be sent to your Clark email account containing a link. Clicking on this link will permanently delete your blog account.

Please keep in mind that your Clark University Personal Publishing site can never be retrieved once you’ve deleted it permanently.