Binder, Justo et al. (2013). Phylogenetic and phylogenomic overview of the the Polyporales. Mycologia (accepted)

Here we provide the fasta files containing the nucleotide and protein sequences for the 356 single-copy genes as recovered from the Mycocosm cluster number 1263 (no longer available).

Nucleotide data

Protein data

Datasets used in the phylogenetic study of Trametes

A. Justo & D.S. Hibbett. (2011). Phylogenetic classification of Trametes (Basidiomycota, Polyporales) based on a five-marker dataset. Taxon 60(6): 1567–1583.

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nLSU + ITS dataset of Polyporales Polyporales_LSU_ITS

RPB1 dataset of Polyporales Polyporales_RPB1

RPB2 dataset of Polyporales Polyporales_RPB2

TEF1 dataset of Polyporales Polyporales_TEF1

nLSU + ITS + RPB1 + RPB2 +TEF1 dataset of Polyporales Polyporales_COMB

ITS dataset of Trametes Trametes_ITS

Additional datasets

RPB1 alignment including all intron regions RPB1_with_introns

RPB2 alignment including all intron regions RPB2_with_introns

TEF1 alignment including all intron regions TEF1_with_introns

ITS dataset of Coriolopsis sensu lato Coriolopsis_ITS

RPB1 dataset with amino acid data RPB1_AA

RPB2 dataset with amino acid data RPB2_AA

TEF1 dataset with amino acid data TEF1_AA