Hieronymus Bosch

H.Bosch Self-PortraitWho Is He?

Jheronimus van Aken, known now as Hieronymus Bosch, was born into a family of painters in Den Bosch, Netherlands. Very little is known about Bosch’s life and artistic training. He left behind no diaries or letters – even his birthdate is not known with certainty, though it is estimated to be around 1450. Bosch died in 1516, the only fact about him that can actually be determined. 

For years, many art historians have struggled to find meaning in the obscure fantasies depicted in the work of Bosch. With much research and debate it is often thought that Bosch’s mysterious and iconographically dream-like scenes seem to fall in line with the religious beliefs of his era. The inconceivable imagery of such work presents viewers with twisted narratives of morality that reflect the consequences of humankind’s decision making through the unique and inventive vision of a traditional subject.