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Intersectionality and Ideologies

Overstreet, N.M., Rosenthal, L., Case, K.A. (forthcoming Dec. 2020). Intersectionality as a radical framework for transforming our disciplines, social issues, and the world. Journal of Social Issues.

Rosenthal, L., Overstreet, N.M., Brown, B.E., Khukhlovich, A., Godfrey, C.J., & Albritton, T. (forthcoming Dec. 2020). Content of, sources of, and responses to sexual stereotypes of Black and Latinx women and men in the U.S.: A qualitative intersectional exploration. Journal of Social Issues.

Cheeseborough, T., Overstreet, N.M., & Ward, L.M. (2020). Interpersonal sexual objectification, jezebel stereotype endorsement, and justification of intimate partner violence towards women. Psychology of Women Quarterly.

Stigma, Discrimination, and Health

Overstreet, N.M., Gaskins, J.L., Quinn, D.M., & Williams, M.K. (2017). The moderating role of centrality on the association between internalized intimate partner violence-related stigma and concealment of physical IPV. Journal of Social Issues, 73, 307-321.

Overstreet, N.M., Willie, T.C., & Sullivan, T. (2016). Stigmatizing reactions vs. general negative reactions to partner violence disclosure as predictors of avoidance coping and depression. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 34, 1734-1752.

Calabrese, S.K., Meyer, I., Overstreet, N.M., Haile, R., & Hansen, N.B. (2014). Exploring discrimination and mental health disparities faced by Black sexual minority women using a minority stress framework. Psychology of Women Quarterly. doi:10.1177/0361684314560730

Intersectionality and Research Ethics

Overstreet, N.M., & Cheeseborough, T. (2020). Examining the effect of internalized HIV-related stigma on perceptions of research participation among HIV-Positive African American women. Translational Issues in Psychological Science.

Overstreet, N.M., Okuyan, M., & Fisher, C.B. (2018). Perceived risks and benefits in intimate partner violence and HIV research: Listening to the voices of HIV-Positive African American women. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, 13, 511-524.

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