Members of the Intersectional Stigma & Health Lab

Lab Director

Nicole Overstreet

Nicole M. Overstreet
Dr. Overstreet earned her B.A. in psychology from Smith College and Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Connecticut. Her research examines how sociocultural processes, such as stigma and stereotyping, influence health disparities related to intimate partner violence and HIV.


Ph.D. Students

Adriana Medina

Adriana Medina
Adriana graduated from Florida International University in Miami FL with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2014. During her time at FIU she was an Undergraduate Research Assistant for Dr. Asia Eaton’s Power, Women, and Relationships lab where she focused on stereotypes about African American women as well as adolescent perceptions and stereotypes about intimate partner violence. As a McNair Scholar, she worked on independent research relating to the stereotypes of African American women in reality television and their possible relation to objectification and self-objectification.  In her graduate studies, she is currently focused on the intersection on stereotypes about race and stereotypes about intimate partner violence (IPV) and their function in how others perceive victims of IPV.


Thekia Jackson

Thekia Jackson
Thekia is a proud alumna of Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. As an undergraduate student, she worked with Dr. Valerie Taylor in the Stereotyping and Social Interactions Lab where she focused on exploring the cognitive and socio-emotional consequences of individuals displaying stereotypical behaviors in group interactions. As the inaugural Spelman College Dalai Lama Fellow, she integrated her research interests and social activism by founding the “B.E.S.T Moms: Building and Encouraging Success in Teen Moms” through a $10,000 competitive grant. Currently, she is focused on examining the relationship between stereotypical images and intimate partner violence.


Undergraduate Research Assistants

Kyle Broughton
I am a junior at Clark University majoring in psychology with a minor in history. I am interested in many of the social sciences other than psychology including sociology, anthropology, and ethnography. Within psychology I am interested in how stigma affects social interaction. Outside of academics, I enjoy singing, playing/watching soccer, going to concerts, and spending time with friends.


Keegan Daugherty
Keegan is a junior majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Public Health. She hopes to pursue the fifth year MBA program and create a career in the field of health-focused public-private partnerships. Keegan’s research interests include substance abuse, especially the opioid epidemic, and access to mental health care. Keegan enjoys reading, exercising, and volunteering as an emergency medical technician in her free time.


Maya Duffy
Maya is a senior with a major in Psychology and minor in Chemistry, studying on the pre-medical track. She aspires to pursue a medical degree in psychiatry, emergency medicine, or primary care with a focus to serve underrepresented, low income, and marginalized groups. Her interests include the intersection between race and gender, particularly examining the effects of sociocultural influences on mental health disparities. Maya is also an intern and research assistant at UMass Medical School’s Psychotic Disorders Research lab and works part time as a medical scribe at Milford Regional Medical Center. She enjoys CrossFit, obstacle course races, peanut butter, and the ocean.



Laura Galeano
Laura is a junior majoring in Psychology. Her post-graduation plans include obtaining a graduate degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and pursuing a practice-oriented career. Her research interests include: discrimination and stigma in organizational structures, processes, and practices, diversity and its influence on motivation and productivity in organizations, and the development of simulation-based training. Outside of her academic work, she enjoys doing yoga or attending poetry slams, concerts, and other live performances.

Past Members

Alika Gillard

Jia Yi Huang

Magdalene Kwakye

Julissa Lopez

Rishya Narayanan 

Emma Frank

Amy Gao 

Kayla Landis  

Kristi Sarro